7 Unbeatable Outdoor Dining Spots in New Orleans

There is nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying great food and great company. New Orleans is known for having some of the top restaurants featuring outdoor patios to hang out, drink, relax, and eat delicious and unique dishes. Do not let the hot weather deter you from dining outside, as these restaurants also include some of the most amazing food (and views) in the Big Easy.


Situated along Lake Pontchartrain is a restaurant that boasts lovely sunset views and delicious food to enjoy it with. The lakefront restaurant offers a traditional New Orleans menu, including local favorites with a twist. Brisbi’s is one of a handful of restaurants that combines a cool breeze and dining. But their real claim to fame? The stunning view over the lake. 

The seafood is top-notch and every meal is guaranteed to be made with fresh ingredients straight from the ocean, with an emphasis on the local seafood market. Signature dishes include oysters (served by the half dozen), pecan crusted fresh catfish, fresh fish tacos, shrimp and grits, and more.

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Velvet Cactus

This unique New Orleans-infused Mexican food is a rarity among the New Orleans food community. Velvet Cactus is known for refreshing summer dishes, including a delectable watermelon salad perfect for a hot New Orleans day, along with delicious and shareable appetizers and larger entrée dishes.

As if the food is not significant enough to peak your interest, the drinks certainly will. This summer’s drink menu includes a strawberry jalapeno margarita, a blueberry lemonade mojito, and a variety of original margaritas where you can choose your own preference of poison (aka tequila). The outdoor environment is a fun atmosphere, yet still, revolves around being family-friendly.

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Bacchanal Wine

Bacchanal is the mecca of outdoor restaurants: a winery, a restaurant, and a live music venue, all in one. The focus of the cuisine is heavily situated around “Mediterranean minimalism” that compliments the diverse variety of wines offered by the bottle and the glass. Bacchanal dedicates wine options to smaller region producers, supporting the smaller and up-and-coming. The wines are separated by whites and reds, then broken down even further into region/location: French, Spanish, Italian, Domestic, etc.

The food Bacchanal offers compliments the different tastes and ranges from vegetable plates to mussels or grilled Bavette steaks. Bacchanal Wine is NOT family friendly and everyone entering the establishment must be 21 or older.

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The Delachaise

Offering a romantic al fresco dining experience is The Delachaise, a popular date night spot. The menu is minimal, but perfect for sharing along with a bottle of wine: more than 20 different wines to choose from. The wine bar oozes French vibes by mimicking the same type of outline as almost every restaurant one would find in France.

With that being said, the French are particular with their food/wine pairings and the staff at Delachaise has it down perfectly: the harmony between food and drink is important. Wine specials are also offered, $5 for various wines is a steal, and the creative French-inspired food is the cherry on top. This establishment is only 21 and up friendly, and do not forget to order at the bar!

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The Bulldog

Straying away from the location of other bars/restaurants on this list, The Bulldog is located in the Garden district. Staying true to the name, The Bulldog is unique in letting patrons bring their furry friends to dine with them on the patio, complete with a beer tap fountain to gaze at while enjoying the company of doggos and friends.

Their claim to fame is the enhanced tasting draft beer, which they attribute to using a combination of nitrogen and C02 to pump cleaner tasting beer. The beers they do offer are constantly changing and most options are local. The food menu revolves around the American bar experience and consists of sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, along with an appetizer menu to please all.

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Casa Borrega

Casa Borrega is an eclectic historic property that serves authentic Mexican food and specialty Latin cocktails. The refurbished restaurant celebrates Mexican cooking and culture and expresses so through the restaurant décor and the menu.

The menu includes popular Mexican dishes, with heavy pride on the borrego de oro taco, made with a slow-cooked lamb leg, and enchiladas de polo con mole, topped with homemade rich mole sauce. The restaurant also serves brunch on Sundays with delicious dishes and a “Bloody Maria”, made with freshly squeezed tomato juice, that is to die for. Go for the colorful and fun setting, but stay for the delicious tacos and enchiladas.

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Dat Dog

Fulfilling the childhood nostalgia of eating a yummy hotdog cooked right on the grill on a summer day is Dat Dog. In multiple locations scattered across New Orleans is hot dog (with a twist) heaven with every kind of hot dog imaginable: crawfish dogs, alligator dogs, Slovenian dogs, plus over 30 different toppings. For the non-meat eaters, Dat Dog also has vegetarian and vegan options (chipotle dog, eggplant dog, vegan sausage dog).

The restaurant is affordable and family-friendly and is a “sanctuary of joy from the moment you cross the threshold.” The success of the restaurant has allowed them to open up more locations in the New Orleans area to continue to spread the joy of hot dogs filled with happiness.

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